BLU-GOO High temperature thread sealant with PTFE

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Blu-Goo™ high temperature thread sealant with PTFE is a special blend of inert materials that offers a variety  of industrial uses where reduction of  metal to metal contact is desired. As a thread sealing compound, Blu-Goo™ thread sealant forms an interface between male and female threads that provides anti-galling/seizing protection of the joint,  which can withstand pressures  up to 10,000 psi, even in worn, corroded or badly machined thread surfaces. Blu-Goo™ thread sealant is also an excellent gear box additive*.  It forms a film over the internal parts, resulting in a noticeable reduction in play, gear noise, and leakage. It also reduces torque stress, allowing a reduction in drive power requirements.   When applied to gasketed surfaces or used as a packing supplement, it prevents fluid leakage from around the seal. Compare LOCTITE 567 thread sealant.

Good for any application up to 500ºF, Blu-Goo™ thread sealant will work on Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Iron, Brass, Fiberglass and Plastic.  Not affected by acids,  caustics or common solvents.

Thread Sealing: Apply Blu-Goo thread sealant to both male and female threads.  Spread evenly with brush or other applicator.  As connection is being made-up, Blu-Goo thread sealant will “plate out” evenly over threads.

As Gearbox Additive*: Mix Blu-Goo to gear oil in the following amounts: 1 quart, 1 ounce of Blu-Goo; 2 quarts, 2 ounces; 4 quarts, 3 ounces; 8 quarts, 5 ounces; 12 quarts, 6 ounces; 16 quarts, 7 ounces.

As a Gasket Dressing:  Coat one side of metal flange face.  Press gasket into Blu-Goo on surface.
Then coat exposed face of gasket. To help prevent leakage, also coat the inside edge of the gasket before making up flange.

As Packing Supplement: Coat each ring of packing.  Put in place, seating each ring individually.  Replace follower gland and hand tighten lightly.  For other applications, apply similarly as products
previously used.

Typical Applications:

• Thread Sealant
• Gearbox Additive
• Gasket Dressing
• Packing Supplement
• Pump Lubricant
• Low Temperature Anti-Seize

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