Diablo Twin Wire Arc Thermal Spray System

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The Diablo Twin Wire Arc Spray System features the power of a 450 amp spray arc system with one-fifth the maintenance costs of regular systems.  It sprays more metal per hour than any other comparable method of metalizing, all while enjoying considerable savings on wire and consumable costs.  No expensive or dangerous fuel gases to contend with.  Just plug it in, turn it on, and start spraying.  The Diablo utilizes a robust wire drive motor located within the control console instead of the gun head.  This "push" type method is more powerful than "pull" type systems.  The lighter weight gun head assembly ensures less operator fatigue, greater control and reduced maintenance costs.

The wire feeder pushes two electrically charged wires into a handheld (or machine mounted) gun head where they are bent to "arc out" on each other.  Located immediately behind this arc zone is an orifice that concentrates a stream of dry compressed shop air to propel the resulting molten metal forward and atomize it.  The electrical arc produces much higher temperature than flame spray equipment, accelerating the application and bond strength of the deposit.

Side Panel Controls

§  Wire Counter displays wire fed in feet/meters during spray operation. Easy to calculate costs.

§  Time Counter displays elapsed spray time.

§  Remote/Local Voltage and Amperage Control Switch allows for remote control arc amperage when incorporating the DIABLO to automation.  Disables voltage panel control on faceplate.

§  Preflow Adjust  operator adjustment that lengthens or shortens time that air flow is started prior to arc start.  Optimizes arc start for different wire feedstocks.

§  Burnback Adjust operator adjustment that lengthens or shortens time that arc power and atomizing air are left on after trigger is released.  Optimizes arc shut off which increases wire tip life.

§  Display/Hold adjust holds Iast voltage and amperage values display from 0-10 seconds after spray operation is complete.


§  Lowest consumables cost of all thermal spray methods.

§  Virtually eliminates maintenance costs.

§  Lightweight gun head reduces operator fatigue.

§  Highest deposit efficiency of any spray process (70%-80%).

§  Made with highest quality materials and craftsmanship.


§  Roll, shaft, and bearing housing build-up.

§  Corrosion and non-skid coatings.

§  Traction coating for rolls.

§  TSA (Thermal Sprayed Aluminum) for piping and structures.