Keyway Repair

One of the best features of Metalink Machinable Repair™ is its incredible compression strength. This allows repairs of Keyways. Typical repair methods are as follows:

1) Remove any fatigued metal from keyway and file off rough edges.  A rotary file works well for this step.  (Fig. 1)  Abrade surface by brushing, sanding, or grit blasting. Clean and degrease all surfaces with Metal Prep II™.

2) Coat new keys and inside of hub assembly with ML900 Silicone Lubricant & Release Agent. (Fig. 2)key-way repair 1 2

3) Apply Machinable Repair™ to sides and corners of keyway. Apply only a thin layer to bottom.     (Fig. 3A)

4) Insert the new key, tapping lightly to seat it.  (Fig. 3B)

key-way repair 3

5) With a putty knife, remove excess Machinable Repair™ from the side of the keyway.  (Fig. 4)

6) Align the key with the keyway in the hub and insert the shaft into the hub assembly. Allow it to remain until Machinable Repair™ is fully cured.  (Fig. 5)

Note:  For larger shafts, the entire keyway may be filled in and re-machined.

key-way repair 4 5


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