Lease TMS Bridgemaster Twin Wire Arc Thermal Spray Unit

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The Bridgemaster® is an excellent choice in Low Energy, High Deposition Arc-Spray Systems.
The Bridgemaster® is a heavy duty, lightweight, low energy, high deposition arc spray system for applying metalized coatings. Designed for shop or field applications, the Bridgemaster® is a workhorse in any environment. Meters and Controls are conveniently located on the feeder providing "at the work place" control. Flexibility in design allows for a wide variety of possible configurations.

Bridgemaster® Highlights

  • Big Wire Capabilities:  Aluminum, Zinc, and Zinc/Aluminum wires, 3/16" in diameter, are routinely sprayed. 
  • Combination Leads: Combination leads combine the spray wire, power leads, and atomizing air into a single flexible, lightweight lead.  
  • Arc Shorting Control: Prevents wire fusing.
  • Fan Spray: Provides a wide spray pattern for high production work.  
  • Air Sweep: Allows the operator to air sweep the surface prior to spraying.
  • Power Supply Choices: Lightweight Inverters or Conventional DC Welding Power Supplies
  • Flexible: Modular design accommodates easy adaptation to the needs of the applicator.


  • All necessary controls and meters are conveniently mounted on the front-face of the wire feed module.
  • The 450-amp inverter power supply weighs just 118 pounds! A variety of conventional DC welding power supplies are also available.

Safety and Operation

  • The Arc Spray Metallizing process produces noise, fumes and Ultraviolet rays. Consult the operators' manual and individual wire Material Data Safety Sheets for safety precautions.
  • Arc-shields installed on the gun protect against direct UV exposure. These shields are easily removed to accomplish gun maintenance.

System Requirements

  • Clean, dry, compressed air capable of 65 CFM @ 100 PSI.
  • Electrical requirements are based on the particular power supply selected. Three-phase power in voltages of 208, 230, 380, 415, 460 or 575 can be accommodated.


  • Small Wire capability.
  • Drummed Wired Dispensers.
  • Spray Station Control Consoles for remote operation of single or multiple arc-spray systems.
  • Wire Staighteners to improve wire feeding.
  • Angle Spray Nozzles for space restricted areas.
  • Stretch out kits for placement of the feeder up to 150 feet from the power supply.