Process Cyclone Repair

process cyclone repair

 Application of Dillo Hyde™ Ceramic Wear Tiles to a Process Cyclone at Dupont, Laporte, TX.


 Process Cyclone Repair


 Process cylcone repair

High impact area completely worn through wire reinforced masonry and ceramic bead putty.


Area repaired and top coated with Dillo Hyde™

Abrasive material that is blown through the pipe and cyclone had completely worn through an inner covering of masonry product and reinforcing screen mesh.  Wear area had been patched many times before with ceramic bead filled epoxy putty, but due to extreme wear and high heat this type of compound was not effective.  Area was rebuilt to dimensions with Metalink Machinable Repair Compound and topped with Dillo Hyde™ Ceramic Wear Plates for the ultimate in protection.