Pump Impeller Repair

1) Prepare surfaces in accordance with the Metals Preparation Guide.

2) For severe erosion, tack weld expanded metal screen form the edge to be rebuilt to the existing metal surface (fig  1).

pump impeller repair 1

3) Using a thin plastic or metal applicator, apply Machinable Repair™ or Fas-Steel 4™ over the expanded metal, forcing the compound into the mesh, and making sure no air pockets are formed (Fig.  2) Smooth out by wetting applicator and running it over compound.

pump impeller repair 2

4) Complete repair by applying a 15-20 mil coating of Metalink Brush-on Ceramic™ to the entire impeller area, filling in any porous spots in the casting (Fig  3).  Once set, but prior to cure, apply a second layer of a different colored Metalink Brush-on Ceramic™ in order to gauge future wear.

 pump impeller repair 3



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