Scored Hydraulic Ram Repair

Scored Hydraulic Rams may be repaired in the following manner:

1) Deepen the cut or score at least 1/16” by drilling, milling, or grinding.  (This is necessary to obtain a square edge, eliminating the chance of the compound “feathering” on the edges of the repair).  (Fig. 1)

2) Clean the ram with Metal Prep II™ degreaser and heat the surface to drive out any impregnated oil or fluid.  Clean again and repeat if necessary.

3) Take a small sheet of metal or plastic and cut it as shown so that the cut areas conforms with the circumference of the ram.  (Fig. 2)

4) Apply ML400 Machinable Repair Compound™ or Fas-Steel 4™ forcing the compound down into the crevice. Use the custom trowel to remove excess material.  (Fig. 3)

5) Allow Machinable Repair™ to cure according to technical guideline.

6) To complete the repair, use a piece of 400 to 600 grit.  Wet Cut™ to polish the ram. (Fig. 4)

Repair Scored Hydraulic Ram



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