Stripped Thread Repair

Stripped out bolt holes can be repaired easily using Machinable Repair™ or Fas-Steel 4™ (depending on strength requirements.  See technical data).

 1)Drill out the stripped thread hole using the appropriate drill bit for the next larger sized fine thread cap screw (e.g., 3/8-16 stripped threads, use a 25/64 drill, which is the designated drill for 7/16-20 threads).  (Fig. 1)

 2) Rethread the hole completely using the corresponding fine thread tap.  (Fig. 2)

Stripped thread repair

3) Degrease the hole surrounding surfaces with Metal Prep II™.  Also degrease an original sized cap screw.

4) Mix up the Metalink repair compound according to instructions on containers.

5)Using a small, flat blade object, coat the inside of the bolt hole, making sure to spread the compound around evenly, forcing it into the threads.  (Fig.3)  (Note:  If using Fas-Steel 4 in the Shur-Shot syringe, you can apply the compound directly into the hole, but will still need to force compound into the threads.)

6) Coat the cap screw with Silicone Lubricant & Release Agent. Now apply a thin layer of Metalink repair compound completely around the thread area, assuring it is forced into the threads just as in the hole. (Fig. 3)

7) Push the cap screw down into the hole.  Twist the cap screw once to integrate the Metalink compound applied to the cap screw with that pressed into the thread walls.  (Fig. 4)

8)Allow the Metalink compound to completely set before moving or removing excess compound.  (See technical data)