Sustainable Maintenance Chemical Solution

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We carry a full line of industrial grade, high-quality maintenance chemicals. 

You take your job serious.  From safety to productivity, from high quality output to low waste streams; the choices you make affect lots of other folks. 

 LoneStar Maintenance Chemicals is an easy choice.

  • Significant cost savings per ounce
  • Elimination of aerosol disposal
  • Eliminate unhealthy ozone destroying aerosols in your plant

The process is simple and hassle free.  Allow our certified customer service representative to do all the work:

  • Request quote for service
  • Compare and contrast our chemicals to leading brands
  • Select chemicals for your operation
  • Receive bulk chemicals in 5 gallon recyclable dispensing containers and reusable spray bottles
  • Use top quality products complete with SDS and certified labels
  • Empty 5 gallon recyclable dispensing containers are picked up and returned full
  • When container has served it useful life the container is taken to a local recycling facility

We enjoy the beauty of this great land.  It can stay this way if we make smart choices about what kind of place we’re going to leave for the next generation.