TNT - Fast Penetrating Butyl Cleaner Degreaser

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TNT is a concentrated industrial cleaner for use on walls, floors, metal sur­faces, machinery (drilling rigs, construction, railroad locomotives, etc.) counter tops, etc. Removes oil, grease, wax, carbon, soot, smoke, ink, heavy grime, tire marks,rust, and scale from concrete. Its fast penetrat­ing action makes it an excellent degreaser/stain remover. Can be di­luted up to 40:1 for general purpose cleaning. Specific industrial appli­cations include dissolving and emulsifying lube oil, paper stock, pitch, pine resin, bunker oil, black liquor, hydraulic oil, and hot melt glues. Can be used in pressure, steam, ultrasonic, parts tank, or foam gun. It will clean hydraulic equipment, bearings, tools, dies, enclosure, pumps, valves and engines. In its diluted form, it works great at cleaning NC cooling coils. Now available in 3 Formulas.

*Industrial Strength -  Full strength version

*High Foaming -        Full strength, high-foaming version designed to cling to vertical and overhead surfaces to extend the hang time of the prod­uct before rinsing.

APPLICATION:  Proper dilution for any cleaning job can vary. Experiment with this prod­uct to determine effective dilution ratio. Typically, 10:1 to 20:1 for indus­trial cleaning. After application, allow T.N.T. to pentrate for 3-4 minutes (or longer if necessary) before washing off. Can be used with a power sprayer.

CAUTION:  Harmful if swallowed. Vapor harmful. May cause irritation to skin and eyes. Avoid excessive inhalation or contact with Skin. Use in well ventilated area. If swallowed, give 1 to 2 glasses of water and contact physician. Wash skin with soap and water after use. See Material Safety Data Sheet for more information.

USES:  Removal of Grease, Oil, Carbon,Soot, Ink, Pitch, Hydraulic Oil, Pine Resin,Mud, etc.

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