Bond Coat Wire 14 Gage (1.6mm) $45.00/LB

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Minimum quantity for "Bond Coat Wire 14 Gage (1.6mm) $45.00/LB" is 33.

95/5 Nickel Aluminide Solid Bond Coat Wire 14 Gage (1.6mm).  33LB SPOOL.  Nickel/Aluminum composite wire that provides the ultimate tensile strength bond coat for combustion wire and twin wire arc spraying. Manufactured by a proprietary process that covers a solid nickel core wire with a .015in sheath of aluminum which provides the proper exothermic reaction when sprayed with a combustion gun. Twin wire version employs an aluminum core with slightly more nickel content.
Deposit Characteristics:
Hardness 75 Rb (Harder when sprayed with combustion equipment)
Bond Strength 9000 to 12,000+psi
Deposit Efficiency 70%
Coverage .9oz/ft2/mil