Lease Sulzer Metco 16E Wire Combustion Gun

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Classic Dependability… Unrivaled Quality… Now Safer Than Ever!

The world’s most popular thermal spray gun just got better with our new built-in safety feature! Today, all companies know that good safety practices and a good safety record are good for their employee’s health and well being, and also good for their bottom line. With the new 16E Combustion Wire Gun, you get peace of mind by knowing you have the safest wire combustion gun available and still have the rugged, reliable gun you’ve come to depend on.


·         Reduces risk of injury and damage to components and facilities

·         Release mechanism stops gas flow and wire feed

·         Complies with the most stringent standards, including the latest CE requirements

·         Lightweight and comfortable to grip, even for extended periods of time

·         Simple to light and easy to operate

·         Steady, consistent wire feed of any type of wire with no electricity required

·         Your choice of configuration for a wide variety of fuel gases and wire diameters

·         Uses the same parameters as the 14E spray gun

·         Integrates into existing wire combustion systems with no additional changes

·         Saves money on process gases with instant shut off on handle release