UltraGrip Wire 14 Gage (1.6mm)

P760 Ultra Grip
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Metalink® 760 UltraGrip Wire

Alloyed wire designed specifically to provide traction coatings on freshiy machined steel mill rolls to prevent slippage and cobbles on cold starts. New formulation replaces wires and powders that contain nickel without sacrifice in bonding characteristics or griping power. Product sprays virtually smoke free utilizing the Diablo Twin Wire Arc System. Designed to wear off when roll is broken in. 

Advantages Over Other Arc-Spray Wires:

  • No hazardous Nickel fumes - 
  • Self-bonding alloy - exceptional bond strength on freshly machined rolls, but will not stick to any metal farther away than 18 inches, Safe to spray right at the lathe sight immediately after turning, No need to handle the roll twice).  Sprays faster - metal can be applied between 40% and 60% faster than Nickel Powder cored wires or Moly wire through flame spray applications.  Significant labor and fuel savings can be realized.
  • Provides a corrosion resistant coating - the coating is moderately corrosion resistant and will resist oxidation in storage and use.
  • More Versatile - in addition to non-slip coatings. UltraGrip may be used to build up shafts, bearing fits, and even conveyor rolls (in place). 

 Advantages Over Traditional Flame Spray Equipment

  • Economical - the cost-per-pound of arc spray wire is significantly less than comparable wire or powder alloys sprayed through Oxygen/Acetylene Flame Spray equipment.
  • Better Grip - deposit texture is much coarser than powder and most other wire alloys sprayed through flame spray guns.
  • Safer to use - no explosive gasses to mess with. Arc spray utilizes only an electrical arc with a compressed shop air jet to disperse the molten particles. 

Technical: Parameters vary depending on brand of arc spray gun employed. Choose a setting that conforms the closest to bond-coat type alloys. Adjust settings to produce the coarsest spray pattern possible. With the Diablo Twin Wire Arc system a setting of 200A, ig 27V with 50 to 6Cipsi of Air Pressure will do for a starting point. Appearance: Shiny Aluminum Wire 

Deposit Characteristics:

  • Typical Hardness 35Rc
  • Bond Strength 8000+psi
  • Deposit Efficiency 70%
  • Coverage 7oz/ft2/mil 

Packaging Information Part # Description 

P760A - 14ga (1.6mm) 25# LLWS