Spline Shaft Repair

Metalink Spline Shaft Repair Kit

One of the best features of Metalink™ polymers is their incredible compression strength. This allows repairs of spline shafts and keyways. Stripped spline shafts can be returned to service using Machinable Repair™ Compound by following this guideline.

1) Using a three-sided file, bevel the edges on the spline shaft and socket to prevent scraping off ML400 Machinable Repair™ Compound.  (Fig. 1)

2) Abrade and clean inside of Spline Socket with Metal Prep II™ Degreaser.  Apply ML900 Silicone Lubricant & Release Agent TO SHAFT ONLY.

3) Apply Machinable Repair™ Compound to the outside of the shaft and the inside of the socket. Insert the shaft into the socket.  (Fig. 2)

spline shaft repair

4) With the shaft fully inserted into the socket, wipe off the excess Machinable Repair™ extruded from the other side.  Allow the remaining Machinable Repair™ to cure fully (12 to 24 hours for thin layers unless heat is applied).  (Fig. 3)

5) The spline is now ready to return to service.  Before removing shaft from the socket, place a mark from the shaft onto the socket to assure proper alignment on reassembly.  (Fig. 4)

 spline shaft repair


can this product be used for a tapered spline axle?
Can this product be used for sliding spline shafts?
Great easy to follow directions. The machinable is an excellent product. Thank you!
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